DevOps Engineer

The most powerful tool we have as developers is automation.” Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager in Microsoft. You're in luck because if you find automation fascinating, you'll surely be interested in our client's DevOps Engineer position. They're looking high and low for someone who is obsessed with automation and thinks of DevOps as a culture.

In this position you will be responsible for reviewing, designing and implementing system architecture components as well as supporting your team members with their local environments. This client has around three Kubernetes clusters with over a dozen microservices on GCP, they configure CI with GitHub Actions, and use Spinnaker for CD pipelines. They monitor their alerts with Prometheus and Grafana, and one of your most important responsibilities will be guaranteeing their platform's uptime with as little deviation as possible.

This company greatly values their culture, and they have a human-first approach: they consider to be wellbeing a catalyst of quality. They're proud of their startup-minded, open culture. They have a flexible work environment built on trust and communication.

These skills will get you far

  • Understand, review, and implement written and visual technical specifications
  • Write efficient, reusable, clean manifests and templates, and maintain them
  • Anticipate and communicate design decisions prior to implementation
  • Provide precise task estimations
  • Open to challenges and learning new tools
  • Conduct root cause analysis on outages and anomalies


  • 2+ years of experience maintaining production-grade Linux machines
  • 2+ years of experience working with Docker or similar tools
  • Experience maintaining a production-grade Kubernetes cluster and managing a database cluster
  • Knowledge of writing manifests to deploy Kubernetes workloads, configs and services
  • Understanding of how to automate an SSL certificate renewal process
  • Knowledge of networking concepts such as Firewall, NAT, Subnetting, VPC, VPN, etc.
  • Ability to write automation scripts using Bash, Go, or Python
  • Configure monitoring and alerts for critical availability components
  • Proficiency with Git
  • Agile experience

What's great about this offer? Well, you'll get:

  • Flexible working conditions
  • Stock option plan
  • Cutting-edge technology & clean-code approach
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Google continuous learning program
  • Monthly books for skills improvement
  • An innovative and challenging roadmap ahead

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