Database Administrator

We're looking for an experienced Database Administrator to join our client's team.

“Why shouldn’t you ask a DBA to help you move?

Because they’ve been known to drop tables” – Laurie Ferger

This position is to work with a team in the adult entertainment industry. It requires the kind of trustworthy, mature, and skilled professional who will be in charge of the performance, integrity, and security of their SQL databases.

This position requires:

  • Experience working with large scale MySQL databases. 
  • Excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security, integrity, and SQL. 
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to think outside the box.

This position is fully remote and will always be. It is a stable environment with room for growth, and a great chance for the kind of database administrator who doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

Are you excited about a career in the NSFW industry? Don’t hesitate to send over your resume!

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