Data Scientist

“What do you get when you cross a pirate with a data scientist? Answer: Someone who specializes in Rrrr” -DataScienceDojo

This client with specialized E-Learning platforms is looking for an experienced Data Scientist to deliver insightful information to power their systems and solutions. They're looking for someone with expertise in mathematics and statistics, combined with a curiosity and creativity that will drive them to ask the right questions, connect the dots, and take the data to the next level.

You'll collaborate with product and engineering teams, research statistical models for data analysis, communicate with stakeholders, and enable efficient business processes.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Working as the lead data strategist to identify and integrate datasets and to work with the engineering team to strategize and implement the development of data products
  • Conducting analytical experiments to solve various problems and make an impact across domains and industries
  • Identifying which data sources and sets are relevant and mining for client business needs, as well as collecting structured and unstructured datasets and variables
  • Creating algorithms and models to mine big data stores, improving models through data and error analysis, and cleaning/validating data for accuracy
  • Analyzing patterns and trends and interpreting the information with a clear goal in mind
  • Executing analytical models by collaborating with developers and machine learning engineers
  • Communicating analytic solutions to stakeholders and carrying out improvements to operational systems

To be outstanding in this role, you will need:

  • Solid experience with Data Science
  • Expertise in data mining, mathematics, and statistical analysis
  • Experience with advanced pattern recognition and predictive modeling
  • Proficiency with Excel, Powerpoint, SQL, DOMO or other BI tools, and programming languages such as Java, Python, and SAS
  • Ability to work in a dynamic and research-oriented group focusing on various projects

This role is a 100% remote opportunity that will remain this way forever! If this opportunity sounds exciting, don't hesitate to apply below.

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