Data Engineer

What do you call a data engineer who doesn't work with big data?

A datum engineer. 😆

This client with specialized E-Learning platforms is looking for a motivated Data Engineer to help acquire, process and prepare the data that is critical for their decision-makers. Their ideal candidate is someone with a curiosity and creativity that will drive them to ask the right questions, connect the dots, and take the data to the next level.

You'll collaborate with product and engineering teams, research statistical models for data analysis, communicate with stakeholders, and enable efficient business processes. Your main goal will be to obtain raw data from disparate systems, prepare it into a singular, coherent format, and deliver it to stakeholders.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Identifying and acquiring relevant data sources and sets to mine for client business needs, and collect large structured and unstructured datasets and variables
  • Building and maintaining database pipeline architectures
  • Performing sanity checks
  • Developing algorithms and models to mine big data stores, performing data and error analysis to improve models, and cleaning and validating data for uniformity and accuracy

To be a good fit, you will need experience with:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data mining, data manipulation and pipelines
  • SQL Server (MySQL is a plus)
  • Azure
  • Excel and Powerpoint
  • DOMO or BI tools like Tableau
  • Ability to work in a dynamic and research-oriented group focusing on various projects

This role is a 100% remote opportunity that will remain this way forever! If this opportunity sounds exciting, please apply below.

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