Backend Node.js and Mongo Developer

Here's a fun party game: think of a noun, then Google <noun>.js. If a library with that name exists… well, we won't promote drinking, so you can decide what to do! If you find this amusing but Node is the first noun that comes to mind, then this position might interest you (and if you're chuckling to yourself thinking that Node isn't even a library at all and our joke is nonsensical, you already have a head start!)

We are looking for a Backend Node.js and MongoDB Developer, experienced with a modern stack listed below who has at least 3 years of experience building solutions from the ground up to the end.

You will be creating a modern laas application from scratch with full freedom and support from the CTO .


  • Node.js 14+
  • MongoDB 4.4+
  • Socket Libraries
  • React.js 16+

If you gained experience with the following in your search for peace on the web, you can apply these skills with this role or learn while working on it.

  • On-Premises Software or laaS
  • Nginx
  • Electron 11+
  • API development experience

This position is 100% remote. Work at home in your own most comfortable environment now and forever. If hired for this position, you will join a collaborative, fun, and easygoing atmosphere where we value each other’s work and celebrate our memes. Apply below if you're interested in getting more details!

“The best thing about a Boolean is that even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit.”

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